Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dark Moon Essentials Etsy Shop Grand Opening!

I am so proud to announce that my Etsy Shop, Dark Moon Essentials is now open for business! Finally! 

Soothing Dead Sea Salt Soaking Salt

Spa package coming soon!

At this time I am offering sampler packages of dead sea salt soaks and bath fizzy powders. I will be adding listings weekly and working on the development of new product lines daily! 

What you can look forward to in the weeks to come:
Silky cocoa bath melts
Bath Bombs
Lotion bars
an Aroma Therapy Line. 

Don't miss my Grand Opening Sale the weekend of October 8th. 

Don't forget, once I reach 50 fans on Facebook I will be doing a mini giveaway. So, tell your friends, share my page, check out my Etsy Shop, Dark Moon Essentials!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Avon By Jen Dulude is having a contest!

Jen over at Avon by Jen Dulude asked me to share this with all of you here on my blog. I think she has a great idea and encourage all of you to message her with your ideas!

 I am running a new promotion. I need all of you to put on your creativity hats. I want your recommendations for a new promotion. Message me your ideas of a promotion I could run to help increase my sales and grow my customer base. Ask your friends to "LIKE" my page and submit their ideas. If your idea is chosen you will receive a special gift. So hurry this is only open til September 30th. At that time I will choose the new promotion (to be available for the month of November)!!!! **unfortunately the new promotion would only be available to my customers who I physically deliver the products to, but even if you're a long distance customer you can still submit your idea!

Remember, this is open to everyone until September 30th, so hurry and submit your ideas!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Crockpot Breakfast

My little girl loooves her oatmeal! But, mornings can be a bit hectic in our home with a 4 month old. I like oatmeal, it contains a good array of vitamins, minerals and a good source of antioxidants. It can also be delicious!

Jocelyn's not a big breakfast eater and would just as soon tote a box of dry cereal around with her than to sit down and actually eat. Who wants to eat when there's playing to be done? She's a grazer all day, so her breakfast is important to me. So, what could I entice her with that I know she will love enough to sit down for, that contain all of the things I think are important for her to have a balanced diet and keep her going throughout the day? Oatmeal of course! And, how could I make it so that I could include everything I think essential for her to have without making our crazy mornings even crazier? The crockpot!

So, here is what I did! I googled a bit and found the best way to make them in the crockpot is with Steal Cut Oats. Now, I did not have any of these on hand at the time. I did have a box of regular oats and I decided to give those a try.

These were my main ingredients: I chose to add peanut butter for the protein, raisins for the flavor and the iron and bananas because they are a great source of potassium and help with nightly growing pains kids often get at this age. I figured the banana's, raisins and peanut butter offered enough sugar so that I wouldn't need to add any. And Cinnamon for flavor!

Missing from this picture is an individual box of raisins and cinnamon.

I began by spraying a thin layer of non stick cooking spray and then putting a thin layer of sliced banana on the bottom of the crockpot and adding a think layer of oatmeal on top of that, repeating until you fill the crockpot halfway.

Note that I am using a baby or sidekick crockpot. This is not a full size cooker.

I then added the box of raisins and filled the rest of the pot with water, gave it a stir and let it sit for an hour. After an hour was up, I checked to make sure it wasn't cooking too fast, had enough water and wasn't crusting up on the sides. I gave it a stir, added a teaspoon of cinnamon, stirred again and went to bed!

Note that if your mixture is crusting up you may need to add some water, and/or lower your heat setting if your crockpot has a control dial. Being this was a sidekick, there is only one setting.

When I awoke in the morning, this is what greeted me in my kitchen. Besides the amazing smell!

I then added 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and mixed really well.

My conclusion: This tasted wonderful, but was more the consistency of a bread pudding. Not to say that is a bad thing, if you like bread pudding, that is. But, if you really want the authenticity of an oatmeal texture I would stick with using the Steal Cut Oats.

Jocelyn's verdict: She ate a whole bowl for breakfast and asked for more for lunch. I think we have a hit!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Avon Calling!

When I was a little girl my mother sold Avon. I would watch her sitting at the kitchen table, rotary phone in hand with the white pages open doing her cold calls. Eight words would start off her introduction, "Hello, would you like to buy some Avon?", and more times than not, they did! That was all she needed to say and they were sold. Every woman loved Avon back then. And, they still  love it today!

So, who is your Avon "lady"? Mine, is Jen Dulude, from Boyertown, PA.

Avon has come a long way over the years, not only with their products but with how easy it is to find a representative these days. It used to be you would have to find your "local Avon lady", she would drop off your catalogs, then pick up your order and then drop off your order when it came in. Now, you can place your order with any rep you'd like and all in the convenience of your home. It's as easy as turning on your computer. The best part is that it's shipped directly to your home!

Jen has been my Avon rep for over a year. She is fast, reliable and always sends me the latest updates and deals.

Check her out on Facebook!
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