Thursday, September 5, 2013

Homemade PlayDough A Tutorial By Jocelyn D

It sure has been awhile since I've posted! Shortly after my last post my laptop decided it didn't want to live anymore. It had enough of my abuse, dragging it wherever I went, using it until I broke keys off, buttons on the touch pad stopped working, (I guess I touched them too much?) hinges were cracked. So, despite our close relationship she decided to break it off and now she's gone. I decided I did not need a laptop, I have my Iphone and my Kindle. I'll get by just fine. Yeah, right. Have you ever tried running a business through a phone and a Kindle? I was finally at my wits end last week and was determined to get back online somehow. So, I dug out my old XPS tower, which wasn't working properly. Then my brother told me he had it's twin at his house that was never really used and to come get it. So, my wonderful husband took parts from one computer and switched them out in the other, as it turned out the "good" computer's power source was fried from an electrical fire a few years ago. The result is I now have a pretty much brand new computer. But.... It's a tower and, it's running on VISTA!!! I'm tethered to my office space in my soap workshop. I think it won't be long until I give in and get a laptop.

But, this post isn't about that. Months ago, back in January my daughter, who was four at the time asked if she could help me somehow with a project to put on my blog. We came up with homemade play dough. I'm sure there are a zillion "new" ways to make it now. However, I taught her to make it the only way I knew how, the way I made it as a kid. And, I sure made a lot of it!

The Ingredients:  1/4 cup Flour, 1/4 cup of Salt, Water and a Bowl

Ready to start!

There she goes!
The fast version: We mixed the flour and salt in a bowl and added water until it was the consistency we liked.
But, Jocelyn's explanation is much better and this is her deal, so I'll just let her show you!

So, if you caught all of that, she has a pretend sister named Allie (someone's been begging for a little sister or brother!) and at the end she announced that we would be back tomorrow for a new awesome activity, which will be on a future post. 

This is what she made with her finished product. She thinks it looks like Yoda.
That is Jocelyn's tutorial at age 4 on how to make homemade play dough. She hopes you all enjoyed it and will give it a try with your own kids! 

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