Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A White Halloween?

In the aftermath of October 29th's snow storm, Halloween in all surrounding towns was sadly, cancelled.  How on earth was I supposed to tell my little Rapunzel that she couldn't go trick or treating? And, really, my little man's first Halloween wasn't going to be? Not if this Mama could help it!

We were fortunate enough to be taken in by my mother in law during that time since we had no power and she had a generator! We were even more more fortunate that the street she lives on is filled with a good portion of our family, so Halloween was still on for this family!

Meet Rapunzel!

Rapunzel really wanted her own little Pascal but she had to settle for the Cowardly Lion instead

We went down the street once, hit just a handful of houses and we had two of the happiest kids ever! One little girl was none the wiser that Halloween was cancelled. I think it was the best Halloween so far!

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Amy said...

They both look so lovely & cute.Nice to find your blog & I am your happy follower now....

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